May 2nd: Archetype & the Five Buddha Families [webinar]

Webinar 2 may 2023 from 19:30 till 21:00 (Amsterdam time), in English.

Archetype & the Five Buddha Families – Parallels in Personality Systems East & West

In this presentation Gary S. Bobroff will present the fascinating similarities between Toni Wolff’s archetypal model and the Chögyam Trungpa’s  Five Buddha families personality system.  

Just below the surface of our collective awareness lie eternal pathways that illustrate our deepest sources of identity and fulfillment

Each of Wolff’s four archetypes are mirrored by a Buddha family orientation: Warrior-Amazon (Karma / action-oriented), Sage-Mediatrix (Vajra / reflection-oriented), Father-Mother (Ratna / tribal-oriented), Seeker-Companion (Padma / individual-oriented).

Using film clips, television, history, mythology and pop culture examples, we’ll explore the qualities that define each of these character types. Come explore a fresh path to better understanding of personality and gain genuinely new insight into ourselves and others.  

The stunning coordination of these models demonstrates the reality of the collective unconscious and reinforces the value of this approach to understanding human nature.

Gary S. Bobroff was born in Canada and is the author of Knowledge In A Nutshell: Carl jung (2020) which is a Jungian psychology best seller.  He has a bachelor’s degree from the University of British Columbia, Canada and a master’s degree in Jungian-oriented counselling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Gary has been been working with Toni Wolff’s archetypal model for over 25 years.  He founded Jungian Online in 2011 and JUNG Archademy in 2021.  He delivers the depth of Jungian approaches in a visually engaging and accessible form. See also– Archetypal Nature  •

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